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Prismacolor Soft Core 60 Pencil Chart
Feb 13

Free Prismacolor Soft-Core 60 Pencil Set Color Chart

By Jojo @ Just Color In | Free Printable Color Charts , Prismacolor

I don’t own Prismacolor’s personally but I get a lot of requests asking specifically for these charts.

This Prismacolor Soft-Core 60 Pencil chart is something I feel a lot of people will be excited about, haha! If you have one of the larger sets, I promise I’m in the process of making one but trying to figure out the best way to do it without having 4 printable pages.

Since I don’t have access to these pencils, if you do decide to color it in, I’d love if you could send me a photo so I can share the finalized image on my blog!

Pretty please 🙂

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