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Jan 29

An Empty Lips Color Chart For Colored Pencils

By Jojo @ Just Color In | Free Color Combination Charts , Free Coloring Pages For Adults , Resources

Sometimes life gets the best of you. After months of travelling and doing a cross-country move, it got the best of me. Just color in went to the wayside while I focused on getting my family settled into our new life and routine 🙂

Finally, I’ve gotten it all sorted out and am excited to share a new freebie!

This is something I worked on before all the fuss – where I wanted to share some color combinations with you all!

However, I need to find those and scan them, download them, edit them and make it look good for you all!

Until then…

This color chart will let you experiment with your OWN color combinations!

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Aug 10

Mandala Flower Crown (Free Printable Coloring Page)

By Jojo @ Just Color In | Flower Mandalas

Flower crowns were all the rage in the 60’s. After all, flower power is where its at.

Somehow, living in the city, I am usually starved for the beauty of natures own color palette. Flowers, and flower bushes, are specifically reserved for parks or private gardens.

This flower crown mandala brings a little piece of nature inside to me. It inspires me to bring color into a small little world I’ve created for myself. Where I am the master of the pencil, and the paper, and bring about joyous creations that I never thought could have existed.

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